A Jacksonville DUI Attorney Can Make the Difference in Your Case

For a Jacksonville DUI attorney who can make the difference in your case, look no further than Shafer Law, P.A. Located in Northeast Florida, Shafer Law is experienced in DUI defense, as well as other felony cases, including attempted murder. This firm examines every aspect of a case to seek justice on behalf of its clients. While they primarily practice DUI defense, they also handle other felony offenses, such as drug crimes and attempted murder.

Willis Lucas Law Group, P.A.

The Willis Lucas Law Group, P.A., is an excellent choice for criminal defense in Jacksonville, Florida. The firm handles a variety of criminal matters, including DUI disputes and avoiding mandatory penalties. In addition to criminal defense, the firm handles personal injury matters and helps victims secure the compensation they deserve. David Willis is a member of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and an active attorney.

The firm’s Jacksonville-based lawyers concentrate on criminal defense, personal injury, and family law. Their attorneys handle cases related to DUI and traffic violations and also practice real estate law. These are all areas in which attorneys at Willis Lucas Law Group, P.A. can help you navigate the legal system. They are prepared to fight for your rights in the most favorable manner possible. These experienced attorneys have extensive knowledge in these areas and will aggressively pursue the best possible outcome.

Musca Law

A Musca Law Jacksonville DUI attorney can help you protect your rights against criminal charges, including DUI. If you are arrested for a drunk driving offense, you have a small window of time to request a formal administrative review hearing. Failing to do so will result in an automatic suspension of your driver’s license. To get the best defense, contact a Jacksonville DUI attorney who is recognized nationwide.

A Jacksonville DUI attorney will also be able to defend your rights when law enforcement officers ask you to submit to standardized field sobriety tests or SFSTs. Your legal rights and defense should be based on the law, not your feelings. An attorney can help you defend your rights and help you get the best disposition possible. The Jacksonville DUI attorney you hire can help you get the best possible disposition.

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