Accident Lawyer: How To Find A Top-Notch Personal Injury Attorney

When someone is injured due to an accident or another party’s negligence, a personal injury attorney assists them. The victim is entitled to file a legal claim and demand compensation from the responsible people, companies, or government entities. They are also entitled to compensatory damage. For instance, If a reckless driver struck your 2008 Honda, totaling it, the compensatory damages would be equivalent to the car’s market value at the time of its demise, less any scrap or salvage value. You might be entitled to the car’s fair market value. If someone else’s laxity has injured you or someone you know, you must find a top-notch attorney to take up your case and get you the money you deserve.

According to Modern Attorney, about 400,000 personal injury claims are made annually. Most of these cases are resolved outside of court, but a few go to trial. As a personal injury lawyer, you must ensure your client is fairly rewarded when they leave the court.

If the opposite side has an effective defense, this frequently occurs. You will need to concentrate on a few crucial expertise like investigative, research, communication, and organizational skills to ensure victory and prepare for this possibility.

The following are some guidelines or criteria to assist you in choosing the best personal injury lawyer.

1. Consider the experience of the lawyer

When choosing the right lawyer to represent you in court, experience matters a lot. You need to hire a lawyer with extensive experience fighting similar cases. You have to stay away from generalists who fight all kinds of cases. Instead, you should focus on those who exclusively fight personal injury and accident cases.

2. How to find an experienced lawyer?

Road accidents are common in denser regions and states. For instance, Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga are cities in Tennessee that can exceed 1,500 car accidents per day. Finding an accident lawyer and proving your case in these regions is much easier. Lawyers have resources and expert doctors to examine the situation and build a strong case against the offenders. Law Office of Burroughs & Capps is a firm that has a list of experienced auto accident lawyers Chattanooga that serves clients not only in Chattanooga but also covers the surrounding areas.

Once you have the names and contacts, you can categorize them according to their experience in fighting cases like yours. For instance, if you have been hurt due to the defective product of a vehicle, you must have a lawyer who fights cases related to product liability claims.

3. Go for a lawyer with a high success rate

The success rate is another factor you must consider and goes side by side with the lawyer’s experience. Most personal injury cases are handled in out-of-court settlements before the case is even filed— it is easy and more convenient for both parties. Very few personal injury cases do go to court for a trial.

You need a lawyer with a positive track record of negotiating settlements and winning litigations in court trials. Ask the attorney about the cases they have won so far or what their average success rate is. Suppose they hesitate to provide you with the required information. In that case, they likely don’t have a career success rate worth mentioning. Try to cross-question, and judge the hesitation in their body language to analyze whether the claims they make are true or false. It is preferable to avoid taking a chance if you are doubtful of them.

4. Choose a lawyer who has won high settlements and verdicts

Numerous attorneys have a track record of winning and settling cases out of court. But if you look at the compensation they received for their clients, you’ll see that they only received meager amounts of money on their behalf. Such a lawyer, who touts a high success record but can accomplish nothing for you financially, is not what you need.

When you ask the attorneys about their success rate, enquire how many million-dollar verdicts or settlements they have received for their clients.

5. Find an attorney who has the resources to fight your case

Fighting a legal case is not a child’s play; it needs extensive evidence to support your claim. High-profile personal injury law firms and attorneys have teams of paralegals, researchers, and medical professionals to collect the evidence. They assess its worth and develop a strong case against your opponent.

When visiting your prospective attorney in their office, look around. Do they look successful? Does their office give the impression that the attorney is doing well in their practice? Ask the lawyer about people in their team and whether they have the right experts to handle your case.

A personal injury case requires a lot of money to prepare. It frequently requires the assistance of accident reconstructionists, life care planners, specialists, and vocational rehabilitation. Sometimes the cost of working on a single case exceeds $100,000+ if adequately prepared. So, ensure your attorney has enough money to prepare the case and play with the big boys.

6. Talk to the previous clients

Talking to the older clients of your attorney about their experience is an important aspect of finding the right lawyer for your case. Suppose your attorney is confident and has full confidence in their services. In that case, they will let you meet with their older clients and won’t worry about your interaction with them.

If a lawyer does not allow you to meet their past clients, you should consider it again. Perhaps there is a reason that they are not allowing you to speak to their older clients. Maybe their clients didn’t have a good experience with them.

7. Choose someone you can get along with

A personal injury claim takes time before the case settles, and you get a fair settlement. You will constantly be working with your lawyer for a few months. This ride will have ups and downs, and on some days, there will be a lot of stress and anxiety about the case.

Therefore you should choose a lawyer you can get along with. After all, you would want to feel good about your time with your attorney. Choose a lawyer who listens to you, answers your questions, makes you understand things in easy terms, and considers your opinion. But if you feel an attorney is taking the case for only money, you might want to consider someone else.


Finding the right personal injury (accident) lawyer for your case takes extensive research. You will meet multiple attorneys, assess them on various levels, and discuss your case. While meeting the prospective attorneys, you can follow the tips mentioned above and make your search easier. These tips will help you concentrate on the major aspects worth considering.

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