Actos Lawsuit Update – Was a Manufacturer Aware of the Effects of Actos?

The Actos lawsuit was recently updated to reflect recent events. The case involves a woman who developed bladder cancer. Her lawsuit is one of several cases around the country dealing with the same issue. According to her lawsuit, the defendant manufacturers knew that their products caused bladder cancer, yet still did not warn consumers about the increased risk. Her lawsuit also claims that the manufacturers did not take into consideration the effect the drugs would have on her fertility and pregnancy if she ever became pregnant.

Actos Lawsuit Update

It seems like this type of case has been increasing in recent years. In fact, there are many lawsuits filed by women who claim to have been affected by this chemical during their pregnancy. There are even websites that offer compensation to those who were affected. However, because of the sensitivity of this issue, some attorneys feel that they need to step back and reassess how they handle these types of cases.

Actos is a popular prescription painkiller used by millions each year.

It has been proven to ease discomfort, provide temporary relief of pain, and increase the patient’s ability to go about daily life without having serious side effects. It is also widely recognized as a viable treatment for women suffering from bladder cancer. This is why the plaintiff’s lawyer feels that the case has merit.

The original case was filed against Orthopedic Products International, Inc. (OPI).

According to the attorney, OPI knew about the risks associated with their product and did nothing to warn consumers. It was only after the plaintiff began suffering from bladder cancer that they finally removed the drug from the shelves of pharmacies. They later added a warning label to the medication about the increased risk of bladder cancer in users. They are now facing a class action suit as a result of their negligence.

Actos itself is not being sued, despite what the attorney says.

OPI is only being accused of negligence, which is a separate issue from whether or not the company was negligent in producing the drug. The attorney will not file a class action suit on behalf of the plaintiffs, because he feels that Actos is only a symptom of what has gone wrong at OPI. He is also unsure whether or not the claims that have been made about the case will hold up in court.

Actos itself has not been accused of any wrongdoing.

However, if the lawsuit updates are true, then the manufacturer could be held liable for the deaths of thousands of people who have contracted bladder cancer due to the tainted product. Many Americans die from this disease every year, and many more endure needless pain while battling this condition. Actos might not be liable, but they may be ordered to pay for the damages suffered by countless others.

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