Chipotle, the burrito behemoth known for its fresh ingredients and hefty price tags, has found itself simmering in a legal hot pot. But instead of a food safety scare, it’s a class action lawsuit menu that’s got customers grumbling.

The main course? Delivery fees. Back in 2020, a lawsuit claimed Chipotle promised “free” or “$1” delivery while hiding sneaky fees in service charges and inflated menu prices. Think of it like ordering a “grande” guacamole and ending up with a “grande” bill. ️

The legal battle raged on for two years, with Chipotle denying any wrongdoing. But in 2022, a settlement was reached, dishing out $4 million to anyone who ordered delivery between 2020 and 2022. So, if you were one of those folks who felt duped by the delivery deal, you might’ve gotten a little cash back to soothe your fiery wallet.

But that’s not the only lawsuit sizzling on the grill. Chipotle has faced accusations of violating child labor laws in Washington D.C., and even got slapped with a $300,000 fine. Seems like their commitment to “food with integrity” might need a little integrity check in the HR department.

So, what does this mean for your next burrito run? Well, Chipotle’s delivery fees are now transparent (hopefully!), and they’ve promised to tighten up their child labor practices. But remember, lawsuits can be like a bowl of salsa – messy and unpredictable. Keep an eye out for any future legal flare-ups, and maybe pack some extra napkins for your emotional rollercoaster of a Chipotle experience.


Can I still get money from the delivery fee lawsuit?

Nope, the deadline to claim your burrito bucks has passed.

Is Chipotle still facing lawsuits?

As of December 2023, no major lawsuits are ongoing.

But who knows what the future holds?

Are Chipotle’s delivery fees transparent now? Yes, they should be clearly displayed on their app and website.

Has Chipotle improved its child labor practices?

They claim to have, but it’s always good to be vigilant.

Should I still order Chipotle?

That’s up to you! Just be aware of the legal history and potential future controversies.

Is there anything spicier than a Chipotle lawsuit?

Maybe a jalapeño margarita on a Tuesday night.

Want more spicy details?

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Remember, legal matters can be complex, so always consult a professional for specific advice. But for now, enjoy your burrito (and hopefully avoid any legal heartburn!).

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