Class Action Lawsuit Against Monitronics International

Are you curious about the Monitronics International Class Action Lawsuit? If so, then read on because you are about to find out exactly what this lawsuit is all about and if you qualify for financial relief. In fact, this lawsuit involves a company that manufactures software that was developed for use by the United States Military. This program was originally designed by a team of programmers and was intended to provide better computer operations for the members of the military in terms of accuracy, speed, security, functionality, as well as cost efficiency.

The software was developed to be used by the members of the armed services. It also was developed to help improve the accuracy of operations as well as the security of classified information. In other words, the software was supposed to make the military more effective and efficient. However, it turns out that Monitronics did not live up to its expectations and as a result, several members of the military who were using the program filed a class action lawsuit against the company.

Basically, what happened was that a Monitronics employee downloaded the wrong type of program onto a computer that belonged to one of their clients. Naturally, this program caused major problems for the user and for the company that the software manufacturer employed. As a result, they were very annoyed and began a class action lawsuit against Monitronics International.

The class action lawsuit ultimately named several individuals as defendants. These people include Monitronics itself, its president, as well as various other officers. At the time, Monitronics was publicly listed as a defendant. As a result of this class action lawsuit, a settlement was eventually reached involving a significant amount of compensation for the named parties.

Not long after the class action lawsuit against Monitronics International was filed, the company’s board of directors reportedly met and discussed the possibility of purchasing out the company. However, the sale of the company was put on hold for over a year. Finally, in January 2009, the lawsuit was approved and a purchase of the entire company was approved. On the day of the purchase, it was made clear that the purchase would be free of liabilities to any individual who had already purchased or used the aforementioned software. This is important to remember because it indicates that if you were a victim of software that Monitronics manufactured, you may not be entitled to any monetary damages from the company.

While this may seem like a rather simple class action lawsuit, it can prove to be quite a complicated matter. The case against Monitronics was ultimately unsuccessful due to the fact that there was no evidence supporting the claims that the company manufactured faulty software. For this reason, many class action lawsuits have been successfully won despite lacking any strong evidence supporting the plaintiffs’ claims. Therefore, if you are involved in such a situation, it is important to consult an experienced attorney who can advise you of your rights and the best way to proceed. Once you have consulted with a qualified attorney, it is then time to contact the Monitronics distributor to see if you qualify for any type of monetary damages.

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