The Harris County Attorney’s Office is located in downtown Houston and is the official legal representative for Harris County, including the Flood Control District, the Toll Road Authority, and the Greater 9-1-1 Emergency Network. The office also provides legal advice to county officials and offers competitive benefits including health benefits, paid leave programs, and retirement plans. Employees can also get compensatory time off for working overtime or more than forty hours a week.

Kim Ogg

Since becoming district attorney, Kim Ogg has rebuked critics for failing to protect the public. Her office has been involved in several high-profile prosecutions, including the botched Harding Street police raid in which two people were shot and killed. She has also defended her record as district attorney, dismissing criticisms that she misused public resources and exploited the death of Houston police Sgt. Harold Preston. In a recent Texas Monthly article, Ogg accused Democrats of exploiting the death of Houston police Sgt. Harold Preston. Her “warning” was nothing more than fear-mongering.

Ogg’s office has also received criticism for its treatment of racial minorities and black men. She has been critical of fellow Democrats who are soft on crime. Her reelection campaign in 2020 was sparked by accusations that she had broken a campaign promise to keep fewer low-level defendants out of jail. However, Ogg beat out Republican challenger Mary Nan Huffman in the general election.

Gilberto Hinojosa

Gilberto Hinojosa was born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley and attended public schools. He later earned his law degree from Georgetown University Law Center and worked as a civil rights attorney in Washington, D.C. before returning to his hometown to pursue his political career. Hinojosa has served as a district court judge, county judge, and court of appeals judge. He is currently a private practice attorney in Brownsville, Texas. Hinojosa has also served as the chair of the Texas Democratic Party.

While Hinojosa is considered a moderate, his past track record isn’t so rosy. He boasted of his party’s fundraising and voter turnout after the Texas 2020 election, even though Democrats haven’t won a statewide race since 1994. Hinojosa’s past predictions are hardly indicative of his future success.

Boyd Richie

The Republican party has made a big splash in the upcoming special election for the office of Harris County Attorney General, as Republican businessmen are campaigning in Harris County. The Democrats are trying to lure a long-time Democratic member, Chris Bell, into the race. Bell was defeated by Perry for the state legislature in 2006. Austen Furse is endorsed by the Harris County GOP chairman, Jared Woodfill.

Before running for office, Kim Ogg ran as a progressive prosecutor and was elected in 2016. She was heavily criticized by liberal groups for her decision to send prosecutors to court, even though the Harris County Courthouse had suspended low-level proceedings and defense attorneys were appearing by video call. After a courthouse scandal, Kim Ogg reversed course. She has since apologized to the public and is working to make up for the lapse.

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