The case of the young woman who was subjected to genital mutilation in Nigeria has been highlighted in the case of IUD Mirena Lawsuit. This is the first case that was filed by a female victim of FGM in Lagos, Nigeria. As a result of this lawsuit, a nationwide awareness campaign against FGM and other female genital mutilations has been launched. This has ensured more victims will come forward and seek justice for the suffering they have undergone.

The victims in this case were forced to undergo genital mutilations by members of the Masai community. The reason for doing this act is the practice of female genital mutilation in the community is illegal according to the law of the country. Since the practice cannot be stopped in the state, the victims are left with no other option but to undergo the horrific act. Even today in Nigeria, there are still thousands of girls who are taken away by the hands of the sex criminals and forced to undergo female genital mutilations.

This lawsuit has been filed by the lawyer of IUD Mirena. This lawsuit has demanded that the government take immediate action and ensure all communities are aware of the problem of female genital mutilations. It has also demanded that all those who were involved in this act of violence, should be punished. The woman in this case, did not undergo FGM by her own choice. She was forced to undergo this by her community’s members.

In this lawsuit, the lawyers for the complainants presented their case in front of a local court. They made the claim that this crime against women is happening in the rural areas where there are no police or any legal regulation. There was, therefore, no law that can be used to stop this crime in its tracks. The lawyers have demanded compensation from the federal government and other authorities in order to bring this to the notice of the public and to prevent this from happening more.

The judge has reserved his decision and is yet to issue it. The family of the deceased girl has hired an African American lawyer to represent them. The lawyer for the family told reporters that they have asked the judge to reduce the compensation because of the difficulty in bearing the medical expenses the girl had to undergo. They had to pay almost $5000 as the compensation and had to wait for two years before they could see any money from the government.

Hundreds of women had lost their lives to FGM. This has resulted in hundreds of lawsuits being filed. The victims’ families have started looking for help in order to get justice for their loved ones. A special fund was set up in the US to assist the victims and their families. This lawsuit has brought hope to the FGM victims and all African-American victims in the US.

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