The Saga of LP SmartSide: Siding Wars and Lawsuit Battles

Imagine your dream home, adorned with sleek, weather-resistant siding. Now, imagine that very siding turning against you, warping, cracking, and inviting moisture like a thirsty sponge. That, unfortunately, was the reality for many homeowners who trusted LP SmartSide, a popular engineered wood siding product. But the story doesn’t end there. It morphs into a legal saga, a David-versus-Goliath battle between homeowners and a powerful corporation. So, buckle up, and let’s delve into the world of LP SmartSide lawsuits.

A Flawed Foundation: The trouble started with LP’s predecessor, Inner-Seal siding, installed between 1985 and 1995. This “smart” siding wasn’t so smart after all. Prone to moisture absorption, it swelled, cracked, and became a breeding ground for mold. Think of it as a fancy-looking facade hiding a rotting core.

Homeowners Unite: As frustration mounted, homeowners joined forces. In 1996, a class-action lawsuit, one of the largest in the siding industry, was filed against LP. Imagine thousands of voices, their once-beautiful homes now marred, demanding justice.

Settlement and Reform: The legal battle raged for years, but ultimately, LP settled, paying out nearly $1 billion to over 129,000 claimants. It was a costly lesson, and LP went back to the drawing board. Enter LP SmartSide, the supposed successor, promising improved moisture resistance.

But Did It Deliver? While newer versions boast better performance, concerns linger. Some reports suggest issues with paint adhesion, edge deterioration, and even susceptibility to fire. It’s like the ghost of Inner-Seal still haunts the product.

The Takeaway: The LP SmartSide saga serves as a cautionary tale. While advancements have been made, potential problems persist. Before choosing any siding, research thoroughly, understand warranties, and consider alternative materials. Remember, your home is an investment, and its exterior shouldn’t become a source of headaches.

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