The Merced District Attorney race is on. The candidates are Kimberly Helms Lewis and Supervising Deputy District Attorney Nicole Silveira. Lewis is the incumbent and is seeking a fourth term as the county’s top prosecutor. Silveira is running as the county’s Democratic candidate. She is also running against former Merced County Sheriff Tom Loomis. We speak to Kimberly Lewis about her record as Merced County District Attorney and her opposition to the creation of an auto theft task force.

Kimberly Lewis

Kimberly Lewis is a district attorney in Merced County, California. She was born in Fresno, California, and attended Principia College in Elsah, Illinois. She went on to earn her law degree from Case Western Reserve University School of Law in Cleveland, Ohio and was admitted to the state bar in 1997. Lewis did not disclose her ethnicity at the time of the interview.

Kimberly Lewis is running for re-election as the district attorney of Merced County in June. She won a six-seat field, capturing 66% of the vote. Lewis also boasts a workplace address of 550 W. Main Street. For those interested in learning more about her background, here are some of her qualifications. Listed below are her qualifications and contact information.

Since the start of her career, Lewis has been actively involved in the Homeless Court Program. It provides homeless people with access to justice while addressing the root causes of homelessness. In addition, Lewis would like to see a mental health diversion program implemented for felony cases. The program would require a collaboration between the Probation Department and Behavioral Health and Recovery Services. Those who make progress in Lewis’ program would have their charges dismissed.

Her career as a district attorney in Merced County

Nicole Silveira is running for Merced County district attorney. She currently works in the same department as Lewis. She is supported by Vern Warnke, the outspoken sheriff of Merced County. Together, they are the most powerful elected officials in Merced County. But this relationship has suffered from a series of disagreements over the past couple of years. Many have wondered what happened. Regardless, the rift has been building for a long time and is still very confusing for people.

Kimberly Helms Lewis has been the district attorney of Merced County since 2018. She defeated a three-term incumbent to take the office. Despite the high turnout, her victory sends a message to the community about the importance of transparency and fairness in government. Larry Morse, who served as district attorney since 2006, was scrutinized when his son Ethan was arrested in connection with the Atwater shooting in 2013. The charges were later dismissed.

Her opposition to an auto theft task force

Opposition to an auto theft task force has been raging for years in the Merced district. This time, however, authorities are moving forward. A district attorney’s office complaint alleges that Means violated several state laws and was not a law-abiding citizen. As a result, the auto theft task force has been in danger of being disbanded.

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