New Lipitor Settlement Update Reveals Increased Risk For Diabetes Patients

There are many individuals who are looking for the latest information on a lipitor lawsuit update. This is because this particular type of case has become increasingly common over the past several years. When you are searching out information on this type of case, you will find that it can be rather confusing. In fact, some of the details can get rather technical.

The first part of this lawsuit update will cover whether or not a person who was being treated with an LDL cholesterol lowering medication called statins could sue the federal government due to developing diabetes as a result. You see, there have been several cases in which individuals who were receiving treatment with statins developed diabetes. Now, these individuals have sued the government due to the fact that they were wrongfully denied coverage due to having developed diabetes as a result of their use of statins.

It is critical to keep in mind that it is very rare for someone to develop diabetes from the use of cholesterol lowering medications such as statins. This disease is usually caused by insulin resistance. Therefore, it is impossible to contract from using these drugs. As a result, it will be extremely difficult for any person to successfully sue the government due to having developed diabetes as a result of their use of statin drugs. Statin lawsuits usually turn out to be quite frivolous and do not provide any real benefit to those who have contracted diabetics through their use of statin drugs.

Another part of the lawsuit update will cover those who have contracted diabetics through their use of HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitors. Those who have contracted diabetes through their use of these drugs are able to legally sue the government in an attempt to recover compensation due to their inability to contract insulin due to their diabetes. Unfortunately, there are not very many individuals who are familiar with this particular condition. In fact, only 5% of people who are diagnosed with high cholesterol ever exhibit signs of diabetes that require insulin supplementation.

When discussing the Lipitor lawsuit update, another issue that came up was the possibility that those who develop diabetes from their use of statin drugs were at an increased risk of heart attacks. Those who develop heart problems are typically prescribed a statin drug to control their elevated cholesterol levels. Unfortunately, the statin drug does nothing to decrease the amount of cholesterol that is actually in the body. This is because the cholesterol that is actually in the body will always contain high amounts of oxidized LDL. These LDL particles will actually create inflammation and block the smooth blood vessels which carry the blood from the heart to body. When this happens, individuals can become susceptible to developing heart attacks due to increased risk.

There has been a lot of discussion regarding the recent tragic cases in which individuals who have contracted Type II diabetes have exhibited signs of heart disease, but failed to take any cholesterol lowering medications. In one of the more disturbing examples, a former Miss Brazil who had contracted Type II diabetes was actually found to have increased LDL cholesterol levels, yet failed to take any statin drugs. It has now been revealed that this individual actually developed aortic aneurysm, a condition that can potentially cause his death. It is important to note that there is only one FDA approved cholesterol lowering medicine in existence which has been proven to lower LDL levels significantly. This is a drug called Alli. If you suffer from diabetes and any of its associated complications, it would be extremely wise for you to speak with a qualified professional in regards to receiving a copy of your file and taking Alli.

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