Postmates has settled a massive lawsuit brought by delivery truck drivers who claimed that the company intentionally let them down. When they went on strike, the company refused to pay their labor and medical bills. They also refused to allow them to form their own union. This illegal and greedy act of the company caused immediate harm to these drivers as they could not call their union or negotiate with the management for better working conditions. However, they were not informed that a lawsuit was being filed against them, nor did they know anything about class action lawsuits. That is when they discovered Postmates as a remedy.

Class Action lawyers are responsible for helping thousands of people every year receive fair compensation from those who caused them harm. On July 1, U.S. District Judge Jennifer Boal issued an order granting preliminary approval of a $ 1985 settlement agreement between Postmates and the striking delivery truck drivers. The agreement will distribute payments to Class members based on the percentage of their individual delivery time. The agreement provides that postmates can choose to either opt out of the class action if they so desire, or to participate in the class action lawsuit. Class members who agree to participate in the lawsuit are obligated to mediation and arbitration.

In order for Postmates to accept this class action lawsuit as a valid settlement offer, they must prove that they are in fact guilty of the wrongdoing at the heart of the class action lawsuit. According to the terms of the plan, Postmates will require delivery drivers to pay a delivery fee on a monthly basis. This delivery fee is non-refundable once the driver’s contract expires. On one hand, Postmates claims that the delivery fee is necessary to cover costs like rental cars, gasoline, tips, uniforms, cleaning supplies, etc., while another class action lawsuit Lawyer, contends that the delivery fee amounts to mere profit for Postmates. He further states that the plaintiffs’ delivery fee should not be classified as income because it is only collectible upon the death of each of the delivery workers.

Therefore, for you, the innocent class action lawsuit defendant, you may wish to seek legal assistance immediately to assist you determine whether or not you may qualify for any of the Postmates deliveries that are being discontinued due to the actions described above. If you believe that you will qualify for any Postmates deliveries that are being discontinued, you need to be prepared to submit proof of your low income status in order to process your Postmates refund request. Additionally, if you are unable to obtain the full amount of Postmates rebates that you are entitled to, you should be prepared to seek legal assistance. It would certainly be in your best interest to participate in a class action lawsuit in order to receive the most generous of postpaid vacations from Postmates, rather than be forced to repay your Postmates bill with your hard earned income. Hopefully, you will never have to experience the unfortunate consequences of having to repay a Postmates bill.

In the event that you do end up having to repay your Postmates bill, you may also wish to join the many customers who have been forced to repay Postmates after they were improperly charged for their trips. The terms of service provided by Postmates clearly state that once a delivery is made, the customer is liable for the cost of all Postmates meals and deliveries unless expressly authorized by the company. In many cases, Postmates employees have been found to take part in activities which result in their employees not receiving appropriate meals, including, but not limited to, taking their meals at work. Because these employees are required by the terms of service of the company to take meals when they are on duty, this means that the company is ultimately responsible for the Postmates meals that are not made available to its members.

Many of the individuals who signed agreements with Postmates often find that they are unable to meet the requirements of those agreements. Some Postmates deliveries were made without the knowledge or consent of the Class members. In the case of these deliveries where Postmates did not receive proper notice of delivery, they are considered Postmates negligence. Further, in the case where the Class members were not aware that there was a delivery fee associated with the trip, Postmates has been found in the past to have failed to properly charge the delivery fee, which means that it has been found in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. For these reasons, if you believe that you were a victim of Postmates negligence and you wish to join the Class action lawsuit against Postmates, you should contact an experienced San Francisco attorney who specializes in filing Class Action Lawsuits.

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