FDA Lawsuit Filed Against Prada – Could They Win?

A Ladakh girl has been able to get a settlement out of the Ladakh government against her husband for the accidental death of the wife due to the negligence and misdoing of the medical practitioner while treating her. In view of the fact that Pradaxa lawsuit has been successfully fought in the courts, it is essential to know that only the prescribed medicines should be used by the medical practitioner while treating the patient. In the present times, there are many fraudulent medicine manufacturers who are producing medicine such as Amalaki, Vasant, Panch-Tikta-Ghrut, Maha-Manjishthadi-Qadha, Saarivadi-Churna, etc that are not approved by the FDA and hence do not posses all the necessary approval from the concerned authority. In such a scenario, women who have had personal or relatives become ill and require urgent medical attention should immediately get in touch with a good Ladakh travel doctor who can guide them through the correct path.

The Ladakh woman, at the time of filing the lawsuit, had contracted amyloidosis, a condition caused due to accumulation of high blood thinners in her body.

She was treated with amyloidosis curettage (ATA), a medication used in the treatment of patients suffering from various other conditions like hepatitis and cholera. The doctor failed to point out that excessive intake of medicines such as AAT and other anti-inflammatory medicines can cause adverse side effects in the human system. It was only when the lady’s husband, who was the primary breadwinner, suddenly fell sick, did the lawsuit get registered.

It was only after the settlement of the case that she came to know about her wrongful death.

The doctor had prescribed several medicines including a rectal dilator, an anticoagulant and a hemorrhoid cream. However, the medicines were not producing desired results and the lady’s bleeding had become chronic. The doctor’s negligence in prescribing anticoagulants and the failure to monitor the bleeding problems resulted in her death. Pradaxa washerdex, a new drug introduced into the market by Novartis Pharmaceuticals, was only meant to prevent fibrin clots from forming in the internal walls of the arteries, but Pradaxa lawsuit has exposed the true picture of this medicine. This drug is a reversader, which means it actually works by blocking the action of histamine, the compound that triggers bleeding events.

Pradaxa washerdex is not a pharmaceutical drug, but a botanical one.

In fact, there are very few other botanical products that have been discovered to effectively reverse hypertension, like Pradaxa. According to the settlement verdict, the company should pay the plaintiff for the loss suffered, punitive damages and compensation for mental agony. The compensatory damages, however, are meant to help the victims financially to tide them over during the tough time. In most cases, the compensatory damages are quite inadequate, thus, the drug manufacturer is liable for a lot more than the compensatory damages.

Pradaxa lawsuit filed by the plaintiffs shows how the negligence of the company caused the company to be liable for more than double the compensatory damages, for a total of eight million pounds.

While this is a huge sum of money, the court may still decide to award only a part of the judgment, leaving the remaining seven million pounds to the jury’s discretion. If Pradaxa’s lawyers win the case, the jury will determine that the manufacturer of the drug knew about the danger of inducing gastrointestinal bleeding events, yet did nothing to prevent the occurrence of such complications. The company’s failure to take measures to warn the public about the complications of Pradaxa may also be penalized in the form of punitive damages. If the jury concludes that the company’s negligence was responsible for the tragic consequences of Pradaxa, then the jury may award compensatory and punitive damages.

The U.S wrongful death lawsuit filed by the plaintiffs also points to another fact, that could be considered a direct cause of the patient’s death.

The lack of proper warnings on the drug labels and the prescriptions being written improperly often lead to fatal adverse reactions. In the case of Pradaxa, internal bleeding lawsuits have shown that the company failed to provide adequate warnings to the patients regarding the risk of internal bleeding, which in turn resulted in the patient’s death. A successful outcome of this particular lawsuit filed against Pradaxa may open doors for similar cases in the future.

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