Quorn Settlement lawsuit is a legal case filed by Michael J. Young, on behalf of plaintiff’s who were exposed to contaminated food at the restaurant named as “Quorn Restaurant”. Michael J. Young is also a plaintiff who suffered from mesothelioma, which is a form of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. This particular case is very interesting because it involves a False Claims Act lawsuit that targets restaurant’s for falsely advertising their fitness centers and health clubs as non-profit charitable organizations.

The Quorn lawsuit is a class action lawsuit. Classes like this are extremely common in the United States. Classes like this are brought forward in order to claim compensations for harms done to an individual due to exposure to defective products and claims made against a brand or manufacturer for the reason of falsely promoting their product. Class actions are also common in other situations such as in a False Claims Act lawsuit or wrongful death suit. In the case of Quorn Restaurant, it is alleged that the owners of the restaurant were negligent and violated the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. It is also claimed that these owners of the restaurant failed to properly maintain the hygiene measures needed to protect the public from potentially hazardous food and drinks.

This lawsuit comes at quite an interesting time for Quorn Restaurant and their franchisees and franchisors. The lawsuit is claiming that Quorn’s image was sullied due to the false advertising of foods and drinks that violated health and safety regulations. It is being alleged that Quorn falsely advertised that it was able to offer meat-free diets along with being able to maintain a meat-free environment. Also, the lawsuit is saying that Quorn promoted itself as a vegetarian restaurant and did not follow accepted industry guidelines to maintain vegetarians.

A Quorn lawsuit lawyer was recently hired in the case. Lawyers for the Quorn lawsuit claim that the restaurant’s images were deceptively placed in many advertisements and on the packaging. The packaging was supposed to be neutral however one complaint was that the representation of the animal meat image was designed in such a way as to cause harm to the company’s image. Another complaint is that the logo used to represent the restaurant was not the same as the logo used to promote other similar products.

While the lawsuits are ongoing, a new ad campaign is in place for the Quorn restaurants. There are also a new website and new ads. Many of these complaints are coming from people who feel the restaurant has used illegal methods to advertise its product.

The Quorn lawsuit may just be the start of something bigger. If you have been injured by either a Quorn restaurant or Quorn food, there is a strong chance that you have a claim to file a lawsuit. For more information regarding Quorn lawsuit lawyers, contact an experienced restaurant litigation lawyer today. They will be able to give you the information that you need to begin your lawsuit. In most cases, a Quorn lawsuit can be settled out of court while still being protected by proper legal protections.

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