The Red Diamond Tea Incident

One of the most talked about things in recent times is the Red Diamond tea lawsuit. This came to light after a serving girl at a Starbucks was reportedly “spotted” by the manager placing her in the back of a moving van. She claims that she asked to be moved to another table but was instead thrown to the floor and asked to stand with her hands bound behind her head. She also claims that the manager then rubbed her face with a red drink that had “reddish” in it and said that he could not make anyone move because it was the color of red.

Well, we all know what the “red” in “red wine” is, and let us not forget that it is also one of the most popular colors used in the business world.

It just goes without saying that this particular stain would indeed be red in color. So, now that you have the two main facts, what is the rest of the story? Are these accusations true? Are they being addressed in the complaint that is being filed in court?

The complaint and answer portion of the lawsuit, as well as the defense’s reply to the complaint, are due in court soon.

If no settlement can be reached before the case concludes, then the case will be heard by judge and jury. There are some cases where the plaintiff (the person filing the suit) may present evidence that the offending behavior is part of a long-term or recurrent pattern. If this can be proved, then the entire case can go to trial.

A settlement can be reached much quicker in one of these cases than in cases where there is no evidence presented.

In other words, the plaintiff may be able to get their day in court quickly. Now, that does not mean that the defendant will necessarily admit wrongdoing. This is another reason why a trial will almost always occur over a period of months rather than over a short period of time. If a settlement cannot be reached before the case concludes, then both parties will have to agree to some type of arbitration to resolve the issue before it goes to trial.

How long does it take to resolve an issue through arbitration? It depends on the parties.

Some instances can be resolved quickly, because both parties are eager to put this matter behind them and move on with their lives. On the other hand, other cases can drag on for many months until both sides run out of time to present their case in court. The settlement process usually takes about two months, although it may vary depending on the case.

The lesson to be learned here is that it is important to remember that if you have been injured through no fault of your own, then it is extremely important to seek legal advice as soon as possible.

If you are experiencing pain and suffering and are having trouble paying for your medical bills, then you should consult with a Palm Beach criminal attorney as soon as possible. As the old saying goes, an eye for an eye makes all the difference, so act now and protect your rights!

4 thoughts on “Red Diamond Tea Lawsuit

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      Red diamond tea in fort worth Texas. I have consumed the product before without realizing that the gallon was full of slime/mold. I have purchased it again to see if it was just a one off thing. But ever gallon I bought was tainted.

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        I bought a bottle of red diamond tea it tasted like mud an all a suddenly a large hunk of something got hung in throat an more tried to push it up it trying to come up through my noise I got choked I had a time an had to go to the ER…I got so sick later stomach was upset throat hurted for days …I want return my call..

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      Don’t buy this trailer had a very bad experience with that slime going in my mouth and found stuff in my gallon container also took a picture of it

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      Hi a couple of days ago I was drinking a glass of Red Diamond Sweetened Iced Tea. After taking a big sip I felt something thick and globby in my mouth so I spit it into my hand. I saw what looked like the head of a fleshy worm and a short firmer thing that kind of looked like a maggot. I really grossed me out. I wasn’t sure if I should have saved it, but didn’t. The next day I was finishing the last of the tea and took a big sip and again felt this thing in my mouth so I spit it into my glass and it was this HUGE jelly like thing. I was disgusted and poured it back into the jug and into the refrigerator. I sure was sorry I decided to finish that iced tea. What was I thinking and what the heck is this????? One thing I do know is that it cannot be good for anyone. Now I feel like a want to throw up. I was terribly sick about a week ago and had a 103 temperature. I also have stomach alot and think that this Red Diamond Iced Tea could be the reason. From all of the postings I have read this has happened to many people.

      So the question is, why are they still making this product the same way after all of this time and justifying that this is common? I have drank Lipton iced tea and Arizona Iced Tea and have never had this issue.

      Does anyone read these postings and could help? I really enjoy iced tea especially in the summer time.

      Thank You for reading!!!!

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