The Top 10 Motoring Offences and How to Avoid Them

Regrettably, any violation of the Highway Code may be seen as careless driving. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a clear violation, like exceeding the posted speed limit or driving after drinking. The habit you deem relatively small may be a driving offense with serious legal repercussions if you are found guilty. Here are the top 10 motoring offenses and how to avoid them.


This one may apply to all of us to some extent. Since speeding is the most frequent traffic infraction, it is the primary driver of higher insurance costs. Furthermore, it leads to more accidents, which raises your rates. Following the posted speed limit when driving is the easiest method to avoid the issue.

Flashing pedestrians

Since pedestrians utilize the roads just like everyone else, intentionally or negligently splashing them is unacceptable. Drivers generally face a £100 fixed penalty fine and three points on their license, but if the matter goes to court, the fee could rise to £5,000. If you find yourself in such a situation, it is best to engage a motor offence solicitor such as Caddick Davies in the UK.

Making the wrong turns

Panic is usual when you need to turn left but are in the right lane. But rather than making the turn anyhow and risking a ticket and an accident, pass your turn. Continue driving, and do a U-turn when possible.

Failure to wear a seatbelt

Some of us may still recall a time when nobody used a seatbelt, but those times are long gone. You risk getting a ticket if found driving without one and significant injuries if you are in an accident. So, buckle up.

Running the stop sign.

Although you could be in a rush, failing to stop at the red light will result in a ticket. Instead of accelerating when you see a yellow light, slow down. Observe and keep an eye out for stop signs.

Driving under the influence

You risk endangering yourself, your passengers, and every other driver on the road when you drive under the influence. You also risk going to jail in addition to receiving a traffic infraction. If you must drive after drinking, designate a driver, take a cab, utilize an app like Uber, or don’t drink.


You will be accountable for any accidents you cause if you drive too closely. Don’t be shocked if the cop on the scene also issues you a ticket. Avoid tailgating when on the road.

Careless lane changes

It is risky and expensive to swerve in and out of traffic without paying attention to other vehicles. Always ensure it is safe and indicate appropriately before changing lanes.

Smoking, eating, or drinking while driving.

Anything that removes your attention off the road when driving is known as distracted driving and is dangerous. It is best to pull over, finish the task and then get back on the road without distractions.

Beeping your horn carelessly.

Beeping the horn is common for drivers to communicate rage or irritation toward another car. Occasionally, honking the horn is an intimidating maneuver used by a driver to get their way on the road; however, doing so might be seen as aggressive and careless.

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