The Truth About Tea2Go Lawsuit From a Former Affiliate

The Tea2Go Tea Collection System was introduced to the market in May of 2021. It is a device that claims to make it easier to brew a great cup of tea without all of the mess associated with the traditional method of tea brewing. However, consumers quickly became frustrated with the delays and high costs associated with this new product. After nearly one year of sales, the company finally released its version of the Tea 2Go Tea Maker, the Tea4GC. The GC Series is equipped with a touch screen that controls all of the functions of the tea pot and includes an automatic shut off timer, a timer for when the water is ready to be decanted, and a programmable alarm. However, these devices were not able to live up to consumer expectations due to a number of complaints that have been submitted to the company by customers.

One of the most common complaints from consumers is that the Tea2Go machines cannot be calibrated properly so that you are ensured of getting the perfect cup of tea. In addition, most people claim that the company’s formula is too weak or too strong, causing their tea to taste too bitter. Other complaints include having to pour boiling water over the tea leaves multiple times in order to brew a decent pot, and the overly complicated programming required to properly use the system. While the company does provide sample packs for customers to try out, they generally have very poor product reviews. The company has also been known to refer customers to the manufacturer when it comes time to settle a dispute over a defective product.

On top of the Tea2Go issues, the company has also been accused of trying to push its own agenda through lawsuits. For example, in one of their Tea4GC review articles, a representative states that the machine is “a marvel of modern science.” This article was written by an independent Tea4GC affiliate, who may have had a financial stake in the lawsuit. It’s clear that the company has put itself on the line more than once to put forth a particular perspective, but some wonder if they have done this enough to warrant the legal actions they have taken. Another customer, who joined the lawsuit says that he or she would never purchase such a tea machine again. He or she also claimed that the infomercials were misleading and deceptive in promoting the tea as the answer to weight loss.

There are certainly some legitimate concerns with tea2go, but its popularity is built on a number of deceptive marketing. The tea bags themselves look impressive, and many consumers will be tempted to buy based upon those comparisons. That impression may be real, but the tea itself doesn’t really deliver all that it’s promised to. The infomercial shows off the machine in all its glory, but the reality is that the appliance is quite small. Many people who drink several cups of tea a day may find that it’s not actually all that convenient.

The fact is that tea is a natural beverage that’s good for your health, but there are plenty of alternatives to choosing a convenient cup of tea. The tea that you brew at home is going to be better for you, and it’s probably going to be healthier too. The only thing you may lose out on by using tea is convenience. If you have to leave your home and deal with a huge appliance, that may be an acceptable trade-off for saving time. But if you’re worried about health, or about what you’re drinking, you may wish that you had chosen something else.

Consumers don’t have to fall for the hype surrounding tea2go, and they don’t have to put their health in danger by drinking a tea they aren’t sure of. There may be some false promises in the infomercial, but there are plenty of tea choices available that are just as good, and in some cases better. Those looking for a great cup of tea may want to give tea2go a try. However, if you’re a regular consumer of tea and you feel that there are better options out there, that’s your call to make. If you’ve been affected by this tea marketing scam, you can get rid of your fear and learn all about what the tea industry has to offer by looking into tea2go.

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