Three Things You Should Know When Hiring an Anoka County Attorney

If you’re looking for an Anoka county attorney, consider Wade Kish or Tony Palumbo. Read on to learn more about their work ethic and community involvement. Here are three things you should know about both of these attorneys. You should also consider whether they have experience handling criminal cases if they’re familiar with Minnesota law, and how they are different from other attorneys. These are the three most important things you should know when hiring an Anoka county attorney.

Tony Palumbo is an Anoka county attorney

On Friday, Tony Palumbo, the Anoka County Attorney, announced his retirement. Palumbo began his career at the county attorney’s office in 1977 and was first elected in 2010. He served as county attorney from 2011 to 2018 and served in every division of the office. In addition to his position as county attorney, Palumbo has held positions in the family division, juvenile division, and criminal division. He also served as the county’s chairman of the Joint Law Enforcement Council, which is responsible for implementing a public safety data computer system.

While in office, Palumbo worked to improve the lives of citizens in his community. He was a past chairman of the Joint Law Enforcement Council in Anoka County and served on the board of the Northeast YMCA. He also served on several foundations and was an actor in several plays at the Landmark Center in White Bear Lake. Several of his community service activities have centered around fighting domestic violence, domestic abuse, and the opioid epidemic.

Wade Kish is an Anoka county attorney

You’ve likely heard of Wade Kish. If not, he works as a criminal division chief attorney/assistant county attorney for the Anoka County Attorney’s Office. The Anoka County website lists Wade’s experience as a career prosecutor, along with a LinkedIn profile and contact information. You can also learn more about him by viewing his case history and speaking engagements.

When you consider that Wade Kish is a family man, you’ll realize that his dedication to public service was forged even earlier. His parents, self-employed barbers, and travel agents adopted him from Catholic Charities when he was just six weeks old. His parents were not the only people who stepped forward to help their son, however. Wade was influenced by several remarkable teachers and coaches throughout his life. His high school teachers were inspirational role models for giving back to the community.

The statistics cited by Wade Kish’s office don’t include all felony auto theft cases. Instead, they only reflect arrests made by law enforcement agencies in Anoka County. The 17 prosecutors in the county are limited to charging auto theft under two different statutes based on the make and model of the car. For instance, if someone finds a stolen car on Facebook, the person will be charged with receiving stolen property. Other crimes, like theft of catalytic converters, are handled separately.

Tony Palumbo’s work ethic

A longtime prosecutor, Tony Palumbo has received the Minnesota County Attorneys Association’s (MCAA) highest honor: the Johnson Distinguished Service Award. The award is given to county attorneys who have displayed exceptional leadership, increased public awareness, and adhered to the highest ethical standards. Palumbo credits his staff with making his work easier. He also has a strong commitment to community service, serving as a past president of the Anoka-Ramsey Community College Foundation Board, and serving on the Fogerty Ice Arena Board of Directors.

In addition to his office’s efforts in criminal defense and public safety, Palumbo has led the charge against elder abuse, creating the Minnesota Stop Abuse and Financial Exploitation (SAFE) elder initiative and partnering with the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office to implement measures to combat the opioid crisis. Additionally, Palumbo represents the Minnesota County Attorney’s Office on the statewide task force on community relations, which was established by Gov. Mark Dayton in the wake of recent high-profile law enforcement shootings. In addition to his work as an attorney, Palumbo serves on the board of directors and executive committee of the Minnesota County Attorneys Association.

Wade Kish’s community involvement

Wade Kish’s commitment to community service began when he was just six weeks old. His parents, self-employed barbers, and travel agents adopted him from Catholic Charities. But they weren’t the only ones who gave their time and resources to help Wade grow. In high school, he had remarkable teachers and coaches who inspired him to do his best. These people helped him learn the importance of giving back to the community.

Outside of his professional life, Wade enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, wakeboarding, and being outdoors. His skills allow him to use every power tool. He can repair or fix almost anything. To get ahead, he must learn multiple forms of literacy. And he must have a good relationship with people from all walks of life. Those skills, coupled with his ability to communicate with others, make him an outstanding candidate for County Attorney.

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