Two Candidates For Midland County District Attorney

Laura Nodolf and J. Dee Brooks were two candidates for Midland County District Attorney. Read on to learn more about them. There are many similarities between the candidates. All are candidates for public office, so they should be treated equally. But the fact remains that neither candidate is a perfect fit for the office. Both are prone to mishandling cases, and if they win, they may be pushed out.

Laura Nodolf

Laura A. Nodolf has been practicing law in Midland County for 17 years and served as District Attorney for four years. She says that with her vast experience she is more than prepared to serve Midland County for another four years. She has a unique perspective on how to maintain the integrity of the law in Midland County. Adolf was also previously a First Assistant District Attorney in the Midland County district attorney’s office.

The lawsuit filed by David Wilson, a Midland resident, is not yet public information, but it is a legal move. The petition alleges that Nodolf illegally searched his home and lied to the grand jury about his criminal past. He also alleges that Nodolf misled investigators during an investigation. Adolf has not responded to the lawsuit filed by David Wilson.

The district attorney has been active in the community and has participated in several organizations. She is an active member of the Junior League of Midland, Inc., the Carver Center PTA, and First United Methodist Church. She is a mother of nine-year-old twins. Despite her busy schedule, she has found time to dedicate to her community and serve the people of Midland County. There is no doubt that she is an important part of the community.

In the case of Wilson, Nodolf charged Wilson with murder in 2012. A jury found him not guilty. The filing alleges that Nodolf committed six errors in her investigation. The petitioners also claim that Nodolf illegally searched Wilson’s home without a warrant. A judge will decide on this case in the coming months. Nodolf’s actions are being closely scrutinized, so the verdict is likely to be a long time coming.

J. Dee Brooks

Former Midland City Council member J. Dee Brooks resigned in November to pursue the position of Midland County district attorney. During his time on the council, Brooks served on the Family Law Committee and taught at PAAM training programs across the state. He also completed several advanced prosecuting programs at the national level. Brooks’ other community involvement includes serving on the DARE Program Board of Directors and the Child Welfare Prosecutor Advisory Council.

Former prosecutor J. Dee Brooks has spent 14 years as Midland County’s prosecutor. He will run against assistant prosecutor Angelina Scarpelli, who was appointed to succeed Republican Prosecutor Erik Wallen, who plans to retire at the end of the year. Brooks has spent over half of her 30-year legal career in the prosecution field, earning a law degree from Michigan State University and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Detroit Law School.

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