Yuba County Loses Its District Attorney

Yuba County is losing its district attorney. John McGrath has been in the position for over 20 years, first elected in June 1998 and serving as the county’s lead prosecutor. On Monday, McGrath announced his retirement. The resignation comes after a campaign for a new district attorney in May. McGrath said he was adamant that he would not seek re-election to his position.

Marysville, CA is home to the Yuba County District Attorney’s office. Located on 5th Street, this office represents the interests of the people of Marysville. The role of a district attorney in a criminal case is integral, from working with police to determining whether to file charges and prosecuting the case in court. Additionally, the district attorney’s office is responsible for maintaining court records. This office handles a variety of cases, so it is vital to find the district attorney’s office near you.

The investigation into the case is underway, and preliminary reports are expected to be finished Friday. Charges could be announced as early as Monday. However, the parents of the children are awaiting trial. The Yuba County district attorney’s office is working closely with the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department to pursue this case. Earlier this week, Williams was arrested for the drowning deaths of her two children.

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