Criminal Defense Attorneys With Experience in Van Nuys

A criminal defense attorney with experience in Van Nuys will be your best bet if you’ve been arrested. An attorney familiar with the courthouse and prosecutors will be able to advise you on how to approach the City Attorney’s hearing. Your attorney should do the majority of the talking. If possible, an attorney can secure a non-filing, which is a dismissal of charges altogether. For instance, if you were arrested for domestic violence, your lawyer can get the charges dropped or reduced.

Khail Parris is a partner with the PARRIS Law Firm

Eric N. Wilson and Khail Parris have been practicing law together for less than a decade. Their combined expertise has allowed them to transform the lives of countless individuals. Each has successfully handled cases that have resulted in millions of dollars in verdicts. Their expertise in this area of law is reflected in their extensive case histories. They are highly successful at resolving personal injury cases.

While in law school, Khail clerked at the Van Nuys City Attorney’s office and tried several cases to verdict. He was the only law student in his class to do so. He earned his Juris Doctorate from Southwestern School of Law in 1980. Since then, he has been active in the community, helping to make Lancaster, California, a “Net Zero” city, becoming the first city in the world to generate more clean energy than it consumes.

He began his legal career as a clerk for the Van Nuys City Attorney’s Office

Kevin Dufner has worked for the City Attorney’s Office in Van Nuys since 2014. He focuses on misdemeanor cases and earned a Juris Doctorate from Boston College Law School. Before joining the City Attorney’s Office, he worked at two other law firms, concentrating on business and employment law. Before becoming a lawyer, he worked as a clerk in the office of a congressman.

In addition to his work as a judge, Chavez is also a public defender. He was appointed to the bench in 1990 and swore in by his daughter. His legal career began as a clerk in the Van Nuys City Attorney’s Office. He is a member of the State Bar of California’s Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.

He handles misdemeanor crimes

He handles misdemeanor crimes for people residing in the city of Van Nuys. His office conducts office hearings, which are a great alternative to filing criminal charges. He also evaluates the eligibility of clients for the Alternative Prosecution Program before a criminal case is filed in Van Nuys court. Throughout his career, Andy Soliman has successfully defended the rights of residents of the city and has achieved a successful outcome for his clients.

He handles felony and misdemeanor criminal cases in the Van Nuys courthouse. Generally, misdemeanor crimes are prosecuted by the Los Angeles City Attorney, which is the primary prosecuting agency for the City of Van Nuys. While an attorney may be familiar with the prosecuting agency, this does not mean that they will have the same results for your case. For this reason, it is important to hire a criminal attorney who has had experience in defending clients in similar situations.

He conducts hearings to determine whether charges will be filed

The City Attorney of Van Nuys conducts hearings to determine whether charges will also be filed in other crimes. The City Attorney’s Office aims to reduce the volume of cases that the courts have to deal with. While the City Attorney believes that the facts, in this case, do not meet criminal case standards, it is possible to argue in favor of not filing charges if you have an attorney by your side.

The City of Van Nuys’s actions violated several federal and state laws. Hawkins sued the City for whistleblower retaliation and 42 U.S.C. SS 1983, as well as the Government Code section 815.6. Hawkins and Sanchez both alleged that the City had violated the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA). Both plaintiffs’ testimony suggested that the City was punishing them for complaining about their treatment.

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