If you are interested in working in a law firm in Chattanooga, Tennessee, you should explore the many opportunities available in the area. You can find an attorney position with several different companies, each with different requirements and salaries. Listed below are several of the opportunities in the area. If you are interested in applying for a position with an organization in this city, please read on to learn more about the requirements and job descriptions for each one.

Job description

If you are interested in a career in the law, consider applying for Chattanooga attorney jobs. Attorneys must be highly-educated, self-motivated, and able to work independently. They also need to be attentive, proactive, and capable of generating effective case strategies. In addition, attorneys must possess excellent public speaking skills and be able to effectively negotiate and research. If you’re interested in a Chattanooga attorney job, you’ll want to check out our Career Page!

A legal drafter drafts and reviews legal documents for the city. They provide legal advice to city council members and staff members. They prepare correspondence and draft pleadings. They may also attend department meetings and coordinate legal advertisements. They will also prepare and maintain legal documents, such as dockets, writs of habeas, and court coverage instructions. The salary for these types of jobs can be high or low, depending on experience and education.

Salary range

If you are an attorney, you may be wondering about the salary range for a position in Chattanooga. The salary range varies by state, but in general, attorneys in the Chattanooga area earn more than those in other parts of the country. A recent law school graduate can expect to earn up to $140,000 annually, but experience and education also play a part in the salary range.

Associate Attorney – The salary range for an Associate Attorney in Chattanooga is around $25,000. Other positions pay more than Associate Attorneys. Business Law Attorney, Remote Employment Attorney, and Attorney Partner all pay significantly more than the average Chattanooga attorney’s salary. Salary ranges are based on information provided by the employer in job postings. For a full listing of salaries in Chattanooga, TN, visit ZipRecruiter.


Attorney jobs in Chattanooga require the right combination of education and experience. Candidates should possess strong research, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills. They should also have solid negotiation and public speaking skills. The minimum education requirement for this position is an LL.M. in law or a relevant law degree. Candidates should also have current Tennessee bar licenses. To apply for this job, applicants should submit a resume and cover letter with their application.

The Employment and Consumer Law Group is a great place to start your search. The group protects the rights of employees in Chattanooga. The laws of Chattanooga protect employees from illegal discrimination, exploitation, and wage theft. Whistleblower protection is also a major focus of the group. Attorneys in Chattanooga can help clients file cases against employers who breach these laws.


If you are interested in an attorney job in Chattanooga, you can check out the opportunities in the city’s legal community. The city of Chattanooga’s Office of the City Attorney provides legal representation and advice to City officials. This position reports to the mayor and represents the city only on matters of public interest. The compensation for this position is $38,822, which is less than the national average.

Employment and Consumer Law Group Attorneys in Chattanooga protect the rights of employees. This group is concerned with protecting employees from illegal treatment at work, such as discrimination, wage theft, and exploitation. Other areas of employment law include protecting whistleblowers. If you want to work in this field, you should make sure that you are licensed and registered to practice law in Tennessee. For more information, contact Chattanooga attorney jobs today.

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