Who Is At Risk For a Shingle Class Action Lawsuit in Wisconsin?

The shingle class action lawsuit is posted for anyone who has experienced a loss due to shingles in their home. They are under warranty (usually twenty-five years) and if you currently have shingles in your home, they will most likely be covered by the SureTeed Organic/damaged Shingle case settlement. If you do not, there are other lawsuits available.

Shingles and wood shingles were very popular in the past due to their low cost and look, however, recent studies have linked them to health problems including cancer, infertility, premature death, and birth defects. The manufacturers knew about these problems for many years but did nothing to resolve it. Manufacturers spend millions of dollars a year on advertising to convince people to use their products and this includes shingles. The lawsuits are forcing the manufacturers to pay for medical research into the health risks of using their products and they have promised to stop using dangerous materials.

If your home has shingles, it is important to contact a qualified attorney to help you file a lawsuit. The SureTeed and Saf-t-Lok lawsuits are filed by attorneys who have filed class-action lawsuits on behalf of other homeowners who suffered the same injuries. You can find an attorney in your area by contacting your local Bar Associations or contacting your state Bar Association. Both associations can give you the contact information of qualified attorneys who specialize in the shingle class action lawsuit. Be sure to let your attorney know what type of injury you have suffered from using certain brands of organic asphalt shingles manufactured by CertainTeed, either through smell or dust.

Did you know that there are many other types of shingle roofing that have been known to cause similar injuries? One such example is the organic shingle failure, which was previously known as the organic asphalt shingle. These roofs were designed to be much stronger than the asphalt shingle class action lawsuit. The organic shingle failed because of defects that have now been identified. These defects include metal shards, missing clips, metal flaking and a broken nail head.

It is possible for you to get compensation if you were injured due to the shingle class action lawsuit. If your roofing was installed by a SureTeed or Saf-T-Lok company, then you may qualify for financial benefits from the manufacturer. You should contact a qualified attorney, who specializes in roof shingles and defects to learn more about your case. An attorney can assess your chances of getting compensated and will help you determine whether you should pursue a case against the shingle manufacturer.

In addition to monetary compensation, you may also be entitled to a defective product warranty from the manufacturer. This warranty should cover the shingled products that were installed on your home. You should contact a qualified attorney to learn more about your case. If you live in Wisconsin, you may wish to hire a dairy farmer, who knows all about defective products and the laws that apply to them. By hiring an experienced dairy farmer, you may be able to collect on the settlement claim.

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