Ashford University Class Action Lawsuit

If you’re one of the thousands of students who have attended or are currently attending Ashford University, you may be aware of the recent class-action lawsuit that has been filed against the school. In this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know about the Ashford University class-action lawsuit, including what it’s about, who it affects, and what you can do if you’re impacted.

Introduction: What Is Ashford University?

Before we dive into the class-action lawsuit details, let’s first take a moment to understand what Ashford University is. Ashford University is an online for-profit university that offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs to students across the United States. The school was founded in 1918 and is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission.

The Ashford University Class Action Lawsuit: What Is It About?

The Ashford University class-action lawsuit alleges that the school misled students about the value of its degrees and engaged in unfair business practices. Specifically, the lawsuit claims that Ashford University made false and misleading statements about its accreditation, job placement rates, and the transferability of its credits.

The lawsuit was originally filed in 2012 by a group of former Ashford University students, and it has since been certified as a class-action lawsuit. The plaintiffs in the case are seeking damages for the money they paid to attend Ashford University and injunctive relief to prevent the school from engaging in similar conduct in the future.

Who Is Affected by the Ashford University Class Action Lawsuit?

If you attended Ashford University between January 1, 2008, and December 31, 2018, you may be affected by the class-action lawsuit. The lawsuit includes undergraduate and graduate students and those who attended Ashford University through its online programs.

What Can You Do if The Ashford University Class Action Lawsuit impacts you?

If the Ashford University class-action lawsuit impacts you, you can do a few things. First, you can join the class-action lawsuit as a plaintiff. To do so, you’ll need to fill out a form on the law firm’s website representing the plaintiffs in the case.

Alternatively, you may still be eligible for student loan forgiveness if you don’t want to join the class-action lawsuit. The U.S. Department of Education has recently approved a borrower defense to repayment application for Ashford University students, which means that you may be able to have your federal student loans forgiven if you attended Ashford University and were impacted by the school’s alleged misconduct.


The Ashford University class-action lawsuit is a significant legal matter that could impact thousands of former and current school students. If you attended Ashford University during the period covered by the lawsuit, it’s important to understand your rights and options. Whether you choose to join the class-action lawsuit or pursue student loan forgiveness, there are steps you can take to protect yourself and seek redress for any harm you may have suffered.


What is Ashford University?

Ashford University is an online for-profit university that offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs to students across the United States.

What is the Ashford University class-action lawsuit about?

The Ashford University class-action lawsuit alleges that the school misled students about the value of its degrees and engaged in unfair business practices.

Who is affected by the Ashford University class-action lawsuit?

If you attended Ashford University between January 1, 2008, and December 31, 2018, you may be affected by the class-action lawsuit.

What can you do if the Ashford University class-action lawsuit impacts you?

Suppose the Ashford University class-action lawsuit impacts you. In that case, you can join the lawsuit as a plaintiff or pursue student loan forgiveness through the borrower defense to repayment application approved by the U.S. Department of Education.

Can you still attend Ashford University?

You can still attend Ashford University, as the lawsuit does not impact current students. However, it’s important to be aware of the allegations against the school and to research to determine if Ashford University is the right choice for you.

Overall, the Ashford University class-action lawsuit highlights the importance of thorough research before selecting a college or university. It’s crucial to understand the accreditation status of a school, as well as its job placement rates, and credit transferability, to ensure that you’re making an informed decision about your education. If the Ashford University lawsuit impacts you, there are steps you can take to seek redress and protect your rights as a student.

Ashford University is a for-profit education center that received a complaint regarding their Ashford University Class Action Lawsuit and subsequently closed their online degree programs. Ashford University is also the target of numerous current lawsuits. In January, Ashford University announced that they would be instituting a class-action lawsuit against the University of Miami, Florida for “deceit and fraud.” Ashford University’s class action lawsuit focuses on their deceptive advertising practices, which targeted their online education programs as being “easy to learn” and “no accredited by anyone.” The lawsuit named the University of Miami and its division, the Florida education department, as well as several state officials.

Ashford University closed their online programs at the end of August, but not before thousands of graduates were affected adversely. Ashford University is a for-profit school that was forced to close their degree programs at the end of August, when the U.S. Justice Department shut down their college fraud investigation. Ashford University closed their online college degree programs because of the U.S. Justice Department’s investigation into their college’s questionable acceptance of fake degrees. Ashford University accepted tens of thousands of dollars in fraudulent student loans from students seeking degrees from accredited colleges and universities around the country, including the University of Miami. This resulted in thousands of college degree graduates with no college credits or skills to support themselves, which made them ineligible to receive financial assistance from the government’s federal loan programs.

The U.S. Justice Department shutdown the investigation due to budget cuts, which placed a tremendous strain on the investigative teams and workforce. Ashford University was one of many institutions that found themselves on the wrong side of the law after being defrauded by predatory colleges and universities, which rely on deceptive student loans in order to survive. Many students have been able to bring their defective college degree applications into full compliance with federal regulations thanks to the hard work of an Ashford University class action lawsuit lawyer. As a result, tens of thousands of former Ashford University students are currently receiving student loan forgiveness as a result of resolving this massive lawsuit.

The class action lawsuit was filed on behalf of former Ashford University students who were defrauded by predatory colleges and universities. Ashford University was one of twenty-nine colleges and universities that were the subjects of a massive Department of Education investigation. After the investigation, many schools were found to be in violation of Department of Education regulations. Ashford University was one of those institutions, which received a severe blow when the U.S. Justice Department shut it down. As a direct result of this class action lawsuit settlement, hundreds of former Ashford University students are being provided with generous amounts of student loan forgiveness, as well as other benefits.

As part of the class action lawsuit settlement, Ashford University was ordered to pay back over five million dollars in defaulted federal student loans, and over two million dollars in interest and penalties. In addition to paying back these funds, Ashford University has also been ordered to pay back the balance of over seven thousand student loan accounts that were closed during the course of this investigation. As a direct result of this loss of funding, dozens of Ashford University students have lost their jobs, had their financial aid reduced or have gone through traumatic personal life changes such as the death of a spouse or parent. In total, more than five hundred former Ashford University students have been awarded over two hundred and sixty thousand dollars in compensation. All of this is because Ashford University simply chose not to stand up to the federal government’s demands.

Because Ashford University could not meet their burden of fulfilling their legal obligations to their students, the court required them to enter into what is known as a “Dismissal of Default.” Once entered into by Ashford University, this process removes any lingering legal issues which would have existed if the student loan forgiveness programs had not been implemented. Therefore, it is important that if you are a constituent of the Ashford University class action lawsuit, you contact a Ashford attorney as soon as possible. While this may not remove the legal obligation which exists to repay your student loans, having a legal professional on your side will help ensure that you receive the fair and just resolution to your lawsuit, rather than being steamrolled by a rogue institution of higher education.

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      I’m trying to seek Justice for Ashford University wrongdoing to me which left me in debt with no degree started up in 2019 why I try to communicate with 197 attorneys in San Diego California which denied me services and some of them even told me after receiving my information that they represented Ashford.

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      I am enrolled in UAGC’s Criminal and social justice program and I am not pleased with the way I was misled by an advisor that works for the school named Brad Rogers. He told me that the university had good graduation rates but I found out the opposite. Also on my disbursement check I believe I was taken for funds that I should have received. From nearly 6500$ I received 1800 from the Pell grant I qualified for.

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      I attended Ashford and they would nit work with me after losing ny job. I now have a bachelors degree that i was 3 classes from completing and am being told i almost have to start all over and they will not release transcripts but another college and pull my credits over and i can see if they qualify to transfer. Is there anyway that i fall into somekind if help to finish that degree or be compensated enough to cover the classes i would have to take to complete it?

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      I am also seeking assistance as an Ashford University student. I want to know how can insure that I am included in said settlement.

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        How do I get in on this. I have a degree that I received in 2014 but have yet to land a job with it. The only job I have been able to get is bartending which is a far cry from holding a BA.

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        I am in need of the same information. Did you find an answer?

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        I am in a similar situation I attended Ashford online in 2010 through 2015 I have a ba in public relations and marketing and an MBA in organizational management and its been 8 years and I still haven’t landed any sort of meaningful career and am still a restaurant employee with 3 children to care for ages 7,11, and 15 and now I’m left owing over 120 thousand dollars in loans for something fake. How do we get in touch with this lawsuit we deserve compensation. Also I cannot attended any other program until this debt is taken care of. Please help.

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      Is it too late to get in on the lawsuit

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      I went to school online, my school shut down and they moved me to the San Diego school. I graduated 2018 but have been unable to use my degree to get a job! I was told I would be able to, and it’s not happened! I was told many things and then school counselors kept changing what I had to have, and they keep changing who was the counselor of me. My degree is not worth what they told me it would be and I’m in major debt, because of it. How do I go about finding out if I can get student loan forgiveness? Also, how do I go about getting on the list to be part of the lawsuit? I put in so much time when my life was and still is in a critical situation, I need someone to reply and help me get the process started. Thank you.

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      I went to Ashford University Online. I never even recieved my business degree but got all the credits. They charged me 36,000 for 2 years. I am a single Mother of 3 and I have been affected by this. I was told it would only be 14 to highest 18,000 dollars. I was s ammed yet it is still on my credit report 10 years later. Please Help!

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      After all the misleading information that I received at Ashford and they would not talk to me, I quit, they refused to send my credits to another school so I could transfer to a Christian University, etc they took my tax refund and withdrew 15% of my social security checks, Now that my debts are included in the Presidents moritorium on payments, I want my money they took from my social security, I was told I would not have to pay the grant back due to low income>

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      Hello I also attended Ashford University and I went to both Universities Iowa and finished at San Diego, CA online. I was removed from the Iowa online classes in middle of semester and class due to loss of accreditation. I also received a resolution to issues which occur with the University and unprofessional staff. Unlike some of the previous post, I do have a degree from Ashford University, but the creditability of the degree has been questioned by employers. Employers have said since the degree is in Applied Science and I transfer credits from community college, some employers say the degree is fake or its nothing but an Associate Degree. What’s real is the number student loans and dollars on credit report, I’ve not obtained employment making more than 40,000.00 per year since obtaining degree and mostly temp jobs. Ashford University encourages substitute teaching, teaching or applying for lic. within your state for behavioral tech.; the requirement and degree obtained at Ashford University doesn’t allow within my state to obtain lic. and requiring additional education (more loans). I requested letter for Behavorial Tech. and I got one for Teaching and they encourage teaching because of loan forgiveness but there’s rules associated with that, and the advisors had different info than what my state required and told I could get lic. Believe it or not I have 79,000.00 (interest is hurting me and credit scores, not working and entering a possible another recession (lost so much from the 1st one. You got to have money to help stimulate the economy). I got parent plus loans for education, because children stay in home and its issue with qualification when parents in college and child, amount of money the child qualify and then parent taking out loan to support their kids’ education and dreams (debt keep accruing). During my time at Ashford University I did experience a couple issues with minor supposed to be change to psychology and horrible remark from one professional, which I address quickly. Ashford University came to my home state for job fair, years ago and one guy stated Ashford University invites him because he was with a famous singing group, he introduces himself and talk about university and then ask to sing a tune/ballot (promoting/marketing (now scam per all stuff I’ve read, seen and heard). You know I worked at company for eight years and they always side, we can’t promote you because you must have degree for that position, but we can train you and entrust you with some of the responsibilities of that title, but we can’t give you the title or salary. Some people are lying and doing the job and how some was lied about. University said, yes you can get professional lic., when you complete your degree; not always true (know your state lic. requirements and do not trust what might be outdated info from your academic advisor; could save you thousands in student loans and dollars). I was told I would be better off apply and leaving Ashford University DBA University of Global Arizonia. Normally, when companies changes name and ownership its been sold because previous management no longer has interest or scandal has rocked it that its creditability is in question and it can’t recover without fresh start, like Chapter 11 reorganize or Chapter 7, start all over (baby steps).

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      Completely mislead me about my classes, degree, etc. Ashford University attacked my credit causing me to be in default on my school loans. I made numerous attempts to settle, but Ashford would not supply the actual documentation.

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      My husband and I were Ashford University students we would like to know how to get involved in this lawsuit also.

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      Also an Ashford University online learner left with no diploma and placed in a collection agency since 2019. How do I get involved with the lawsuit.

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        They must have done this to a TON of people. I thought it was just me! In my case, I literally did not have the $45 that the diploma costs and they said it could not be covered by federal funds. Within TWO FREAKING WEEKS they put me in COLLECTIONS for the $45 for the diploma that they NEVER SENT ME. Last year I emailed Ashford about the situation and you know what they did? They sent me my diploma. Never replied to my email or apologized. I just received it in the mail a couple weeks later. You might try the same maneuver and just email them with an angry but not over the top enraged tone. You can email me at [email protected] if you would like a copy of the email I sent to them that got results.

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      isnt this lawsuit pending june 30th ruling. i owe 26k

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      Im so sorry yall, i hate this for all of us. I started in Clanton, Iowa in 2013 for a bachelors degree in Psychology. I was told thats all i need to become a counselor to help others affected by my tragedy and other situations in life. They said $40,000 to get degree…well lets say i owe $68,000 in loans. Clanton school closed and before i knew it im transfered to San Diego, CA. and never had a clue. I had to withdrawal for 8 months during my 3rd year and came back and graduated in 2018. However, the whole time they were taking my stipend except for a small amount. The 8 months i took off…they were still taking my money. They tried flunking me and i appealled a grade Thankfully, i did beat it but they consistently were changing counselors and i could never get answers to anything. Please help my credit is screwed. I cannot get a job with my degree. I worked so hard for this. I never opted out of class action suit. I just never could reach any answers just like the rest of you. Im praying for all of us!

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      I graduated with a Bachelor of Healthcare Administration degree in 2019 and still waiting on my diploma due to an outstanding balance of $9k. I can’t get into any Masters programs due to me not having access to my diploma. This is so frustrating

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      I started in 2008 being told the program would be four years, it took eight. I am 185K in debt for a MBA.
      I was supposed to receive military scholarship discounts, never received one. The job assistance they promised was the biggest deceit! Everything about Ashford was a lie! Now I worry if my MBA will become void as a result.

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      I was also a student here at Ashford when all this was going on. I want to know if this lawsuit going to benefit the students such as myself when these problems are happening. Can never reach anybody to discuss this issue and then someone was lying to me the whole time I spoke with her/him. I will have to get involved with the lawsuit or seek attorney advice about this situation. I pray that everyone will be blessed by God for this horrible situation that happened.

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      I would like to know how to become apart of the class action lawsuit against Ashford. I was mislead about job placement after graduation and I never did any classroom teaching. How can you become a teacher and never do any classroom training? And, they were misleading and used strong armed tactics to get me to join the school. Disgusting to say the least.

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